Enjoy your holiday traveling by using these 7 tips to make sure your home stays safe while you are traveling this Thanksgiving.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be about enjoying time with your family, eating roast turkey and stuffing, and watching football and Thanksgiving Day parades. You don’t want to be worrying about the safety and security of your home while you are away!

Here are 7 tips to make sure your home stays safe while you are traveling this Thanksgiving.

1. Put a hold on your mail & newspapers.

When there are stacks of mail and a pile of newspapers sitting on your front porch and driveway, it is one of the main indicators to burglars that you aren’t home. If you don’t want to put them on hold, see if a neighbor can collect them for you while you are away. Spending just a few minutes logging onto the USPS website and giving your newspaper carrier a call can keep your home safe by taking away this obvious signal that your home is vacant.

2. Install a home security system.

Knowing that your home is under 24-hour surveillance, is locked up, and secure can relieve a lot of your worries. You can rest assured that your home and belongings are safe with this technology and many of them offer mobile access these days so that you can even check while you are away traveling. Security & Sound Design offers security systems for every budget, whether you are protecting your first apartment or your luxury dream home.

3. Set your lights to turn on with timers.

A dark house can show others that your house is vacant. Setting some of your lights on timers to go on and off throughout the night is a great way to avoid the appearance that you are away from your home.

4. Be careful with social media.

As fun as it is to share your holiday celebration on Facebook and Twitter, don’t go into detail about your travel plans. Social media can be dangerous, even when your privacy settings are turned on. Once you post information, it’s out there and impossible to control everyone it is shared with.

5. Turn the ringer down.

If you have a home phone, make sure that you turn the volume of the ringer down or off altogether. Then nobody outside will be able to hear the phone ringing repeatedly and going unanswered, tipping them off that you are not at home.

6. Lock up.

This one seems obvious, but make sure to double check that all of your windows and doors are locked (deadbolts, too!), both upstairs and down.

7. Unplug.

Go through the house and unplug all unnecessary electronics like TVs, computers, and coffee pots. It will save you money on your electric bill and keep your house safe at the same time!

At Security & Sound Design, we know how important is to keep your family and the home you’ve worked so hard to build secure, so we are committed to serving homes in Northern Colorado to keep you safe! 

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