Vacuuming - that dreaded household chore could be so much more pleasant!?Here are some of the benefits of installing a central vacuum system.

The Benefits of A Central Vacuum System

There is no denying that vacuuming is usually not a fun chore. Pets shed, kids track dirt inside, and just simply using your house means that you need to vacuum regularly. Dragging heavy canisters around the house and getting the power cord tangled around chairs, table legs, and yourself just makes the chore even worse!

A central vacuum system makes that dreaded household chore so much more pleasant! Here are some of the benefits.


Having a central vacuum system installed isn’t just about making chores more convenient. It’s a way for you to invest in your home! The central vacuum adds value to your property. The money you spend on installing the system will come back to you when your property is sold for that higher price. Not only are you increasing the value of your home, but you will actually be saving money over time. Central vacuums last much longer than portable vacuums. While portable vacuums need to be replaced every few years, central vacuum systems usually last 10 years without having to do much (if any!) maintenance or having to replace any major parts.


Vacuums are notorious for being loud. The noise sends dogs running to hide, wakes sleeping children from naps, and interrupts phone calls. Central vacuums are so much quieter. Their motor is usually located in the basement or garage, so the only noise you hear inside the house is the air flowing through the vacuum head!

Less Hassle

Portable vacuums are bulky, awkward, and difficult to maneuver. You have to deal with power cords and empty them frequently. Central vacuum systems are easy to use, there are no power cords to tangle, they have a large trash capacity, and they are lightweight.

More Cleaning Power

The motors in central vacuums are much stronger than those in portable vacuums. That powerful suction allows you to give your house a deeper clean. It doesn’t just remove dust from the surface of your carpets, but it also sucks up the deep grit that can make its way down to the base of your flooring.

Cleaner Air

Central vacuums don’t just get your floors cleaner. They actually keep the air in your home cleaner, as well! Portable vacuums recirculate the vacuumed allergens back into the air through the exhaust. Central vacuum systems, on the other hand, send that air straight out of the house to the main power unit with the dust, dirt, and debris, so you are not breathing in the same allergens you are trying to vacuum up. These systems reduce allergy symptoms, which makes your daily life happier!

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