Whether you have a home with marble tile or thick, plush carpets, a central vacuum could be a great solution for you! No more awkward, stand-alone vacuums- just powerful, convenient cleaning, and purer air in your home.

At Security and Sound Design, we offer solutions from both Beam and Cyclovac, so we’re sure to have a system that will fit your needs. We offer toe-kick plates and bare floor brushes for your hard floors, standard wall inlets and a variety of powerheads for your carpets and rugs, and a wide array of
attachments and accessories!

We offer both new construction and retro-fit installations for both residential and commercial applications.

Residential Services

  • Customizable cleaning for every room
  • Centrally located canister with vacuum inlets or dust pans for each area
  • Adjustable suction for curtains/delicates, furniture, hard floors, or carpets
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Only empty the receptacle once a month
  • New construction or retrofit installations

Commercial Services

  • Dry vacuum or wet/dry vacuum options
  • Sanitize hard surfaces
  • Wet clean upholstery and use powerful suction to dry
  • Multi-user ability
  • Improve indoor air quality