Smart Thermostats for A Healthier Home

Smart Thermostats for A Healthier Home

At Security & Sound Design, we provide custom solutions for any budget, including smart thermostats for a healthier home.

Air Pollution In Your Home

There are certain areas, like Los Angeles, that are known for struggling with poor air quality outdoors. There are so many factors that affect that, like the recent fires in both Colorado and especially Seattle.

You can’t do much to improve the outdoor air quality, but there are things you can do to improve the air quality inside your home.

Did you know that sometimes the air inside is even more polluted than the air outside?

Paint fumes, dust particles, pollen, and cleaning chemicals can irritate your allergies, worsen your asthma, and cause many other health issues.

Even if you don’t notice it on a daily basis, the air quality you breathe on a daily basis affects your health and even your home furnishings.

How A Smart Thermostat Can Improve Your Air Quality

A smart thermostat is great for energy savings and creating a comfortable environment with all of its automated settings, but the benefits don’t stop there.

A smart thermostat can also combat indoor air pollution.

A smart thermostat can monitor the air purity and humidity in your home and integrate with things like

  • air purifiers
  • ventilation systems
  • air cleaners
  • humidifiers
  • dehumidifers
  • your HVAC unit

All of these things can provide you more control over your home environment.

A smart thermostat can also integrate with your home automation system to send you alerts and reports. When you receive notifications that something is off with the air quality in your home, you can take the proper steps to fix those specific problems.

It will also allow you to create schedules to keep your home healthier. On days when the pollen count is high, your home can be programmed to trigger your air cleaner. If sensors detect any smoke in the air, it can automatically start your ventilation system.

Breathe easier with a smart thermostat in your home.

If you would like more information on a smart thermostat in Northern Colorado, click here to schedule a free consultation today!

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