A Quality Assurance Team monitors calls to ensure accurate, fast, and professional service in Windsor, Greeley or Fort Collins, CO

In today's technologically connected society, many home or business owners feel that having systems connected to smart phone apps is enough to keep them protected, but imagine the losses you can suffer if there is a burglary, fire, or other emergency when you are unreachable. Having your security or fire system professionally monitored gives yourself the added security of knowing there is someone looking out for you, 24 hours a day, and who responds instantly if a crisis occurs. Operators can call, email, or text message alerts about your system, and customers can utilize a customer portal to check signaling and account information.

Whether your system is monitoring burglary detection, fire detection, environmental factors, like flooding, hazardous gas, or extreme temperatures, or hold-up situations, the operators are extensively trained to handle the situation appropriately. Call our team today for security monitoring services in Windsor, Greeley or Fort Collins, CO.


We have multiple monitoring centers across the country that are backed up by generators & uninterruptible power supplies. In the event of weather, natural disasters, or national security, calls can be sent to other centers.


A Quality Assurance Team monitors calls to ensure accurate, fast, and professional security monitoring service.


Our UL Listed monitoring service provides reliable redundant services across the entire network, so in the event of a burglary or fire, an appropriate response can be made quickly

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