Here are 7 creative ideas to take your?home theater to the next level to wow guests and enjoy watching movies at home even more.

7 Creative Ideas to Take Your Home Theater to The Next Level

So you have a home theater? Great! Here are 7 creative ideas to take your home theater to the next level to wow guests and enjoy watching movies at home even more.

Popcorn Machine

That movie theater experience isn’t complete without popcorn! There are some cute and functional vintage popcorn machines around that will not only add a fun decoration, but it will also make your movie night snacking even more fun. Pick up a variety of different flavors of popcorn sprinkles to allow your family and guests to customize their snacks to their preference.

LED Step Lights

You may already have stadium seating in your home theater, so make it even more like a movie theater by adding LED step lights. They not only create fun ambiance without distracting from the movie, but it makes it safer to move around while the room is dark. You can even decide to connect them to your home theater system and only have them light up when you pause the movie.

Soda System

Maybe you don’t want a full soda machine in your home theater, but having a make-your-own soda machine is a fun way to drink soda that lets you pick your favorite flavors or even mix them to invent your own. An ice cold soda is the perfect complement to that buttery popcorn.

Surround Sound

You know when you are sitting in a movie theater and your heart starts racing with anticipation when the sound starts booming as the movie begins? With surround sound, you can have that at home, too!

Movie Decor

There are so many movie posters out these days that its easy to find a framed version of your favorite films to display around the room. Pick a theme (like Star Wars or Marvel movies) or just pick the random movies that fit your tastes. Fill out the decor with metal film reel wall hangings, directors’ clapperboards, or other vintage movie paraphernalia.

Dimming Lights

Movie theaters create a whole experience for all 5 of your senses and dimming lights is an important one. You wouldn’t walk into a movie theater with lights on full brightness, so why have your home theater stuck with a basic on/off switch? With dimming lights, you are in control of how bright or dark you want the room at any given time.

Motorized Projection Screen

By simply pressing a button, unleash the movie magic and have the screen slowly lower, as if out of nowhere. This is just another way to add a little magic to your movie nights.

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