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Some Of Our Popular Low Voltage Solutions

Our security systems are custom designed to meet your unique needs and match your budget. Our Design Consultants will come walk your home, talk about potential areas of intrusion, and craft a system that is specific to your home. From pet-immune sensors to wireless remotes to digital video security, Security and Sound Design has your family in mind.


Our systems are custom designed so we can come up with a security solution to match any budget.


We secure potential areas of intrusion both outside with doors/window contacts and glass break sensors, and inside with motion sensors. We also have flood/freeze sensors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and noxious gas detection. We can even do theft protection with asset protection sensors.


We can integrate systems, like cameras, door access, and home automation, to work hand-in-hand with security system. I.e. security cameras can start to record and send a notification when a security sensor is tripped, door access can disarm the security system on a valid card swipe, etc.


We can provide hardwired or wireless systems for new build homes or retrofit solutions.


You can answer your door through the app and talk to visitors as though you were home. You can also receive clips when the doorbell senses motion, even if no one rings it.


adjust temperature, turn lights on/off, unlock/lock smart locks, geo-fence to disarm system when you get close to home

We are committed to keeping your home and business as safe as possible. Not only does a video surveillance system help deter criminals, but, if something were to happen, could record the whole thing and can help authorities catch the criminal.

We carry the highest quality cameras, video recorders, and accessories and design each individual camera job specific to the job site and customer needs. From installing brand new systems to replacing outdated systems, and even expanding on existing systems, we take the utmost care in making sure we design a system that is perfect for your application.


You can view your surveillance system remotely, so you can check in no matter where you are!


Our analytics help track vehicle/human events, people counting, heat mapping, license plate recognition, and offer POS integration.

With card access security, we can help you protect your property, keep certain areas more secure than others, and track the movements of personnel and keep entry logs. Allow us to seamlessly install advanced security barriers so you don’t have to worry about who is coming in the door. We are committed to ensuring your peace of mind with cutting edge technology in our card access systems. We integrate the highest quality products to provide scalable solutions for businesses, large or small. Our card access systems keep a constant vigil so you don’t have to.


Increase the safety of your business by controlling who has access to controlled areas to protect both your assets and your staff. Quickly add and delete users. Set up a lockdown sequence in case of emergency.


Provides employee tracking and time and attendance capabilities that can be used as a time clock to help with payroll.


No need to worry about lost keys, copied keys, or changing the locks. You can use access cards or keyfobs, and lost credentials can be quickly deleted from the system.


Remotely change programming or check entry logs.

We understand the resources and time that you have poured into building your business. Imagine what would happen if a fire struck. Everything you have worked toward would go up in smoke – literally. We provide quality fire alarm systems to do everything we can to protect you from fire damage. If you are required by code to have an engineered fire system, we can provide engineering, installation, programming and monitoring for you.


We do our utmost to make sure you are protected by offering reliable fire protection systems, engineered by our NICET certified fire engineer.


We can engineer a brand-new system or make additions and changes to your current system.


No matter the time of day, we’ll be there for you.


Cellular communication eliminates the need for 2 landlines, UL rated and fire code compliant


We regularly make sure everything is functioning properly so you are always protected.


Our open fire alarm systems provide you a cost-effective solution with more options than proprietary systems.

In today’s technologically connected society, many home or business owners feel that having systems connected to smart phone apps is enough to keep them protected, but imagine the losses you can suffer if there is a burglary, fire, or other emergency when you are unreachable. Having your security or fire system professionally monitored gives yourself the added security of knowing there is someone looking out for you, 24 hours a day, and who responds instantly if a crisis occurs. Operators can call, email, or text message alerts about your system, and customers can utilize a customer portal to check signaling and account information.

Whether your system is monitoring burglary detection, fire detection, environmental factors, like flooding, hazardous gas, or extreme temperatures, or hold-up situations, the operators are extensively trained to handle the situation appropriately.


We have multiple monitoring centers across the country that are backed up by generators & uninterruptible power supplies. In the event of weather, natural disasters, or national security, calls can be sent to other centers.


A Quality Assurance Team monitors calls to ensure accurate, fast, and professional service.


Our UL Listed monitoring service provides reliable redundant services across the entire network, so in the event of a burglary or fire, an appropriate response can be made quickly

Whether you’re automating your home or business, you can control virtually any device – lights, thermostats, locks, sound, security, and more – from one easy-to-use interface, such as a touchpad, remote, or your personal smart device.

Imagine – just one touch and the lights dim, a movie starts, and the surround sound kicks in. The porch lights turn on as the sun sets. The house locks at 11pm, automatically. Just as you get to the grocery store, you can’t remember if you shut the garage door. Check from your smart phone and relax! With home automation, the options are virtually endless, but quite possibly the best feature is that we make it affordable.


You can adjust temperatures, unlock/lock doors, turn on/off lights, and more.


You can use just one remote to run your entire home theater system.


Control your sound from a keypad, remote, or app.


Your home automation system is completely customizable to match any budget and you can add more features to build it over time.

No more awkward, stand-alone vacuums – just powerful, convenient cleaning, and purer air in your home. At Security and Sound Design, we’re sure to have a system that will fit your needs. We offer toe-kick plates and bare floor brushes for your hard floors, standard wall inlets and a variety of powerheads for your carpets and rugs, and a wide array of attachments and accessories!


Whether you have a home with marble tile or thick, plush carpets, a central vacuum could be a great solution for you for all flooring types!


We offer both new construction and retro-fit installations for both residential and commercial applications.


We offer repairs and service on existing systems, as well as installing new systems.


Helps remove dirt, dust, and allergens from your home. More powerful suction for a deeper clean.

Smart lighting adds elegance, convenience, and energy-efficiency to your home. You can set lighting scenes to automatically turn the porch lights on at dusk, the bedroom lights to slowly ramp up when your alarm clock goes off in the morning, or the home theater lights to dim when a movie turns on.

You can make your home appear occupied while you’re away or turn the lights on from the grocery store for your kids who are getting home from school.


Set the mood lighting in your home to match a fancy dinner party, a romantic night in, or you can even create an entertainment scene so that, with the touch of one button, the music and lights are raised perfectly throughout the house, just as your guests arrive.


With smart lighting, you can set your lights to turn on automatically when it gets dark or you can control them remotely so that you can light or darken your house, even when you’re not home.


Smart lighting offers bulbs that only need replacing about every 5 years, dimmers to allow you to save on energy costs, and remote control so that you never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights.

Get that movie theater experience, without the crowds and lines, with a custom designed home theater system that is sure to wow your family and friends! Security and Sound Design can create a fully-equipped system that includes a large screen and projector, Dolby Atmos sound technology, and high-end speakers and components.

Security and Sound Design has a fully-operational Design Center in our office, as well as a show home, allowing you to get a hands-on feel for the difference components and controls. Schedule your appointment with a Design Consultant today to get started on the home theater system of your dreams!


Create that movie theater feel with large screens that bring you into the action!


Create a 3D aural experience with all-around sound.


We offer you the best equipment available for an unbeatable home theater experience.


if your budget doesn’t allow for something extravagant, we offer great solutions to fit any price point! Most of our systems can be built on later, as time and budget allows.

We recognize the need for our clients to access and control their own security systems while on the go — and now you can. With your mobile device you can gain full control of your alarm system, locks, cameras, access control and so much more. Mobile access is available on a broad range of products including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Blackberry phones, Galaxy tablets and other popular mobile devices. There are many mobile access options that can be customized to meet your needs.


Allows you to arm/disarm your system remotely, check the status and events, get notifications immediately if there’s an alarm, and add/delete users without having to be on site.


You can view your live feed, playback past footage, get notifications of certain events, and have remote access when you’re away from home.


You can adjust your lights, locks, and thermostats, remotely turn on/off smart appliances/devices like your fireplace or oven, and you can check your garage door status- and even close it if it was left open.


Allows you to adjust the volume and change what’s playing.

Phone systems have changed a great deal for your business over the years. There are more options than ever before. At Security and Sound Design, we make the process of choosing which phone system works best for your business fast and easy. Our phone system experts will look at your needs and work directly with you to customize a solution that best fits your needs. We deliver the reliability, control and connectivity of complete business phone solutions that can work for your business.


Our on-premises solutions give you the flexibility of both digital and IP functionality. All of your vital business communication features are built-in, not just added on, making for a more intuitive and integrated approach to communications.


Gain the benefits of the cloud and manage your phone system locally. A hybrid cloud solution enables your business to be more agile, competitive, and cost effective. We keep you in the game with new communication features plus can reduce the cost of your connectivity by up to 50%. Merge the power of an on-site IP-based phone system with the power of SIP connectivity.


Our cloud solution delivers a smarter approach to business communications, making is easy to communicate anywhere, anytime, from any device. Our phones are built to work with our PBX solution, making it the most integrated solution on the market that will drive the productivity and efficiency of any business. Security

Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERS, allow you to call for help in an emergency by pushing a button. You can wear one around your neck, on a wrist band, on a belt, or in your pocket so it is always on you in case of a fall. When you need help, all you need to do is press the transmitter’s button, which will signal an emergency response center and get you the help you need as fast as possible.


There is no complicated software to deal with. All the help you need is at your fingertips with a simple touch of a button.


No need to waste time by tracking down the correct numbers to call in case of an emergency. All of your resources are available at the press of a button.


Whether you are live alone, want to ensure an elderly family member is safe, or have a medical condition, with a PERS, you can rest easy that help will always be available when you need it. We even offer a 2-way voice pendant so the monitoring station can talk to the customer while they wait for help to arrive.

For more than two decades, Security and Sound Design, Inc. has been providing state of-the-art wiring for homes and businesses in northern Colorado. Whether it be data, telephone, television, or Ethernet it is more critical than ever that all structures be wired with the right type of wire and in the proper manner. We can provide you with superior service and quality products at an affordable price. We connect you to the world.


We offer data, telephone, and TV cabling, and sound and security prewires


We are BICSI and Leviton Installation Company certified.

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